This Little Light of Mine 

It's been a tough week here in the Washington DC area. Friends, let your little lights shine! We all need to choose hope, everyday...


I hardly realized it's holiday time! It's not that time is going by fast, but it's like a very strange dream. I'm sure it's that way for so many people. I recorded myself singing some holiday tunes for the kids. You can head to my video page for those to sing & dance around. Can't wait for the year!

I've learned alot! 

After having no online performing experience, I feel pretty good. Have done Facebook Live shows, zoom shows & music classes, learned how to make & edit videos & participated in online choral video performances! My brain is full... It's time to take a break from Facebook live & see if I can conquer youtube - wish me luck!

A brand new era! 

Did my first Facebook Live show today from my page Oh Susannah...