Susan McNelis / Oh Susannah!

Kids love her music, a tasty blend of familiar favorites and lively originals perfect for singing and dancing along. Parents love her music for the unusual arrangements, clever lyrics and beautiful vocals. Her first release Twinkle & Shine brought her to the attention of the Kennedy Center. Her next CD Sing-Song received a coveted iParenting Media Award and contains “The Cats Go Marching,” second place winner in the children’s category in the Just Plain Folks international song-writing competition. “One of the highlights of my career was traveling to Hollywood and being called up on stage in my fancy dress to accept the award. As a winner, my song was added to playlists for Virgin online radio stations and XM Satellite radio. WETA played it also. I’m very glad the judges liked cats because over 100,000 songs were entered.” Her latest CD The Cat Lady Sings, just nominated for Best Children's Album by the Washington Area Musicians Association, is the most ambitious, with 14 new songs and rich full-band arrangements. “I think I’ve come up with a whole new genre of music. I call it "parent-friendly" because adults will enjoy & appreciate it on a completely different level while the kids are dancing & jumping. Raising kids has both its touching and hilarious moments—I use my experiences as a mom in writing many of the lyrics and some of the stories told really happened!”


Oh Susannah, singer/songwriter/guitarist Susan McNelis, began her career singing in rock bands for grown-ups, but made the transition to children’s music after her son was born. She‘s never been happier. “This is what I was meant to do. Families and kids are such fantastic audiences. They deserve the absolute best music artists have to offer. It’s the most wonderful opportunity to write and perform for them. I’m enjoying every second of it.” Oh Susannah performs for hundreds of delighted children and parents every week in the Mid-Atlantic region. She's a regular at community special events, festivals, galas, and hundreds of other venues. Past Performance Highlights: • John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington DC • National Theatre, Washington DC • Artscape, Baltimore MD • National Zoo, Washington DC