Susan McNelis, Singer/Songwriter, acoustic folk

Grown-ups need music, too...

First Video below. More original songs coming soon...

Rainy Year
We get up with the birds, chase the sun 'cross the sky
Long past the rising of the moon
We're working hard just to get by
With a little luck & a lotta love
We patched it all together, holding our heads up
We saved for a rainy day without fear
But it has been a very rainy year.
Used to have steady work, but now we come when you call
Keep our masks on all day long, united stand, divided fall
Broken faith, broken hearts, for the ones we could not save
Oh the acres of flowers over half a million graves
Drift in uncertain times, tossed on uncharted seas
Now we have to ask for help
Just to get the basic things we need
We need more than luck & a lotta love
But we'll patch it back together, pull ourselves back up
Save again for a rainy day without fear
And pray it's not another rainy year.