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In person shows are back! Or online music shows for parties, preschools, playdates.
Please contact me for a price quote.

Birthdays & Such

Musical Merry-Making and More for Private Parties Check out some songs live on youtube:  Susannah's fun-filled one hour party can include:  Lots of group participation with songs and sing-alongs * Rockin' rhythm instruments * Movement to music with scarves * Acoustic guitar accompaniment * Hand puppets * Balloon sculptures. Activities are designed for the age & interests of your child. Please call 3 weeks in advance for most flexible scheduling. Susannah wears colorful costumes appealing to young children and does not dress or make-up as a clown. PRICES: $275.00 for 25 children or less (60 minute party visit) $325.00 for more than 25 children (90 minute party visit) TRAVEL FEES may apply for locations further than 50 miles. GOODY bags are available for the guests with Oh Susannah CD, rhythm shaker, stickers & lollipops for $7 or just CDS for $5 TO BOOK A PARTY: Call 301-933-2006 or email

— Private Parties